Impacto Ambiental – en

Environmental impact


Arboreal has a firm commitment to sustainability. We aim for all our processing and production to have the least impact on the environment. Our forests are not only a natural ecological habitat but also an important carbon reserve that absorbs CO2 from the air and keeps it in a lasting manner.

We work in forestry plants certified by the FSC, which guarantees that production is financially viable, socially beneficial and appropriate from an environmental point of view.

Arboreal production will allow the capturing of the CO2 equivalent of approximately 11.500 cars circulating on the road for a year. This represents almost 1.8% of Uruguay´s car load.

Our motto ´Shaping the world tree by tree´ represents our wish to retake the traditional ways of construction and rebuild the bond with nature to shape our world. Numerous studies show the benefits of living in a wooden built structure, since it helps reduce stress and lower anxiety.

Since 2016, Enkel Group has found the need to integrate vertically and search for the Mass Timber production locally. This material came to be in Europe in the 90´s, having great impact and reaching high points such as the HoHo in Viena, Austria. In Latin America, the material hasn´t reached its full potential yet. There have been a few environmentally friendly solutions for transport, food and energy production. However, the traditional construction industry, which is responsible for more than 40% of greenhouse gases, had not been targeted yet.

It is about time to change how we build our homes. Concrete and steel cannot continue to be our only materials for construction.


Sustainable and certified forests 

Most commercial forests in Uruguay are FSC® certified.



As a biological material, wood goes through a natural cycle that leaves no footprint.


Low carbon emissions and carbon deposits

The production of wood products for construction consumes a fraction of the energy needed for the production of similar products from other materials, such as concrete or steel. Also, carbon is stored in wood for the building´s whole lifespan.


No chemicals needed

Arboreal wood is not treated with chemical products.

We work with FSC® certified forests, which guarantees the highest environmental and social standards.

FSC® stands for ´Forest Stewardship Council´. This is a non profit international organization dedicated to promoting a responsible silviculture. FSC® certifies forest all over the world to guaranty they abide by the highest environmental and social standards.