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About us
As pioneers of the circular bioeconomy, our goal is to bring forward timber solutions and renewable construction materials for Uruguay, the region and the world.


Our vision is for our sawmills to become regional models of Mass Timber production. We are committed to providing products of the highest quality while contributing to a circular economy and fighting climate change. We plan all production based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2021, Arboreal began two projects: the increase of timber production and establishing the first Mass Timber plant in Uruguay. In terms of production, Arboreal will be the biggest plant in South America. This plant will bring new life to the north of the country since there are more than 250 employees involved in the production process. We estimate an investment of close to 30 million dollars.

As a first stage, we will double the amount of lumber as well as increase the drying capacity, from 125.000 cubic meters to 250.000 cubic meters per year.

For the second stage, work will be focused on building the Mass Timber plant, which will have a revolutionary impact in the country and the region.

The panels, 12×3 meters in size, will be placed in the local market, where we are committed to  develop it as a construction system for Uruguay and the region. The plant will also have the means to export panels to the whole region.